Conversation with Louise Penn – Warrior Spirit Winner

I had an inspiring conversation with Louise Penn, April Spirit Award Winner recently and wanted to share some of her experiences as someone who was quite fit until a period of lockdown in the UK crept up on her and caused a significant impact on mobility and daily function.

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September – Stephen Knox

Stephen attends our ARC clinic weekly for PD Warrior group sessions and you will also recognise him from our Thursday online gym sessions.
He is tenacious in his commitment to exercise and fighting Parkinson’s and does an outstanding job putting into words his Relationship with Parkinson’s…
Past, Present and Future, by Stephen Knox:
“Writing a story about something that occupies your past, present and future…

June – John Lake

Looking back, some indicators of PD had been there for maybe up to two years before my diagnosis in April 2019. Principally my hand writing (I am R hand dominant) was becoming more and more laboured. Some eight months earlier I had decided to learn the violin, so the clincher became that I could not bow smoothly with my right arm, which became increasingly frustrating for me and my teacher. My father was afflicted with Parkinson’s late in his life, so all added up, the diagnosis was just a confirmation of what I already suspected.

July – Lorraine Juliana

Congratulations Lorraine Juliana! The winner of the July Warrior Spirit award!
I gave Lorraine some homework at the end of her 10 week challenge, I challenged her to think of 3-4 different ways to incorporate PD Warrior principles into daily life and to review her goals and consider some new goals post 10WC.
I was blown away by her level or organisation, ability to build on feedback and her dedication to the PD Warrior concepts moving forward.
Here is what Lorraine had to say about her experience with PD Warrior so far…


  1. Hi, I’ve just listened to your interview, I recognise the struggle with covid and exercise; during the first lockdown when working from home I was moving from the table where I had my computer and phone, to the armchair in the evenings. I found I was seizing up and that is why I started the 10 week challenge. Listening to you both is motivating and makes me want to complete. I have to say before this programme exercise was alien to me but I am feeling fitter, I’m on week 4 and finding it hard going especially the frog exercise, the sound of Crazy is scary but hey.
    I live in Hereford, UK

    1. Hi Barbara. I was totally floored by crazy the first few times I tried it so keep at it when you get there. I did it in stages to start with as suggested in the weekly videos and it worked. That’s one of the reasons why I’m such a huge fan of the 10 week challenge, it’s so motivating to make tangible progress. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did x

      1. Hi, I was introduced to Crazy this afternoon as I have just started week 5, and I appreciate your advice, positive thinking, and step by step stages
        Mel made it look easy, amazing x

  2. Louise, I love your story, my symptoms are like yours and like you, my friends cannot tell I have Parkinson’s – which doesn’t mean I don’t feel it all inside, you know the proverbial iceberg… also I have found sometimes I feel really shaky but I have no external tremors. Anyway, the point is that I really enjoyed the interview and putting a face to the name! Thanks for the mention by the way, I am glad my story also resonated with you. Also, I wanted to say, don’t think of the later stages because we all progress differently and I think there is a fair chance that given PD Warrior and a life-style where exercise and the outdoors is embedded in our routines, we might delay symptoms enough to not experience those dreaded latter stages of PD! xx

    1. Thanks Julio. I just watched your video clip re the swim. Now that really is a challenge! I agree with all your comments. Pre diagnosis advanced PD was my worst nightmare, but like you I find that I am living in the moment much more, which is a real positive, and I don’t dwell on the future at all, which is what gave me the courage to do the skydive! Good luck in the Solent! X

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